Singing & Vocal Masterclass

Singing & Vocal Masterclass

Learn to sing from the UK's finest vocalists and musical directors. This is a unique opportunity to interact with the professionals and learn the skills that made them Stars. You will learn breathing exercises, Diaphram control, Correct posture techniques, Warm up classes, 5 tone count and much more. It really doesnt matter what level of experience you have, these classes are fun and interactive. 


Choose Level 1 if the following relates to you:

  • You are a complete beginner
  • Singing in front of others makes you feel nervous (You will not be asked to sing solo, in Level 1)
  • People have told you, you're not very good
  • You would love to join a choir but want to gain more experience before doing so.
  • You would like to learn good singing technique's to improve your confidence and ability.
  • You are a singer who feels out of practice, maybe you have lost confidence and would like to go over the basics to rediscover your enjoyment and ability


Choose Level 2 if any of the following are true:

  • You're ready for Level 2
  • You have had singing lessons before and would like to build your skills and confidence to do more.
  • You would like the confidence to sing solo and develop your performance ability.
  • Feel confident in your abilities due to your singing experiences (e.g. Live shows/Theatre/Karaoke/other)


Choose Level 3 if you:

  • You would like to perfect your performance skills and develop your confidence and ability to sing in front of others, on stage, professionally or even release your own single...


Daily classes available...


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