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Jongleurs Kids Comedy Camp

Crowdfunder Campaign to bring free Stand-up Comedy tutorials to kids 8-15 year olds.

Jongleurs are launching a new platform to nurture young talent for the comedy world, by offering 30 children free stand-up tuition with 2 professional comedians. The project is being launched on July 26th for four days at the Mayhems Arts Theatre in Hertfordshire.

The course will help 8-15 year olds learn the core elements of what it takes to be a professional stand up comic. Professional comedians will train the students in how to write comedy, The mechanics of joke telling, The skills to walk on stage and perform and microphone techniques.

The four day workshop will start at 10am till 2pm Monday to Thursday with a Comedy Club performance on the last day.

Jongleurs is reaching out for donations on their crowdfunder page to provide this project to as many children as possible. To make this dream a reality please go to You will find more details on the donation page.

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